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Reptiles of the United States  
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Tailed Frogs of the United States

One species on the Northwestern United States and southwestern Canada. These are primative frogs with 2 pairs of unattached ribs and 9 presacral vertebrae. The pupil is vertical. None of the species has a true tail, but all possess tail wagging muscles. Male Ascaphus have a unique tail like extension of the vent that servers as a copulatory organ for passing sperm directly into the body of the female, while clasping her around the waist. All tailed frogs live in cool mountain habitats, but reproduction varies. Ascaphus lays its eggs in cold mountain streams where they hatch into tadpoles, transforming into frogs more than 6 months later.


There is one species of Tailed Frog in the U.S.

Tailed Frog (Ascaphus truei)

Found from southern British Columbia south to northwestern California, also in Oregon and Washington east to northwestern Montana and Idaho. Many separate populations can be found.





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